In der Schacht 2 - 8, Simbach am Inn, erbaut 2016 - 2019

Mit einem besonderen Gespür für Eleganz und Perfektion entstanden in bester Innenstadtlage 56 exklusive Eigentums- und Mietwohnungen. Das Ensemble besticht hierbei durch seine einzigartige Gestaltung: Eine klare Formensprache sowie harmonisch aufeinander abgestimmte Details ergeben nicht einfach nur Gebäude, sondern schaffen Raum zum Leben.

Simbachs erste Wohnadresse zeichnet sich durch sein besonderes Format und seine Geschichte aus. Ein Wohlfühlort zwischen historischen und modernen Ambiente.

In der Schacht 1 und 3, Simbach am Inn, built in 2014 - 2015

Living in 'IDS 1 & 3', that is, find out the special quality of life in Simbach every day. Near to the center formed in the Schachtpark, Simbachs classiest residental district, two designoriented residental buildings with progressive room concept. The sophisticates building structure allows units of 64 m² up to 120 m². Large, sunny loggias, balconies and (roof) terraces, pergolas, which opens up a maximum of three units per floor, with always surprising beautiful views of the Rottaler hills and the alps, leave nothing to be desired.

The ideal infrastructure, a highly quality construction, permanently low operating costs (KfW Efficiency House 55, according to EnEV 2014) make the objects for owner-occupiers, as well as for investors to an investment, which is unparalleled in Simbach.


Maria-Ward-Str. 17, Simbach am Inn, built in 2012 - 2013

With the quality of our demanding set to the architecture and construction, we built the project "Villa Mary Ward", directly opposite the institute "Marienhöhe". An exclusive building in timeless elegant architecture, technical high performance and with a contemporary energy concept (KfW 55 standard after EnEV 2009).

Exquisite and premium materials, spacious and intelligent floor plans guarantee modern and stylish residental ambiance. Because of the free-standing position and the south facing location of the property, every appartment is flooded with light and bright. The new buildings along Maria-Ward-Strasse show a modern interpretation to the classic Schachthäuser at Münchener Strasse and make the northern completion of our building area "In der Schacht".

Zuccalistr. 16 - 20, Munich, renovated in 2008 - 2012

In his search for the unique, between 1963 and 1965 the architect Prof. Schneider von Esleben created the monastic location 'Voices of time' for the Order of Jesuits in the spirit of the 1960s building tradition of structuralism. Since that time, one of the newest and most highly regarded historical buildings in the Land capital Munich has been situated in the landscape conservation area of the Nymphenburg Palace Park.

The individual rooms, the spatial structure and the architectural sculpture are unique - an enigmatic living space created by a precise strategy. The objective was to convert this former monastery, bearing in mind the issues involved in the care and reservation of listed historical monuments, and carefully transform it structurally to bring it in line with modern times. Together with the extensions to the building, this has succeeded in a style which allows the building in its entirety to now justly claim to be a work of art.

Südliche Auffahrtsallee 57, Munich, built in 2003 - 2004

Lots of people advertise with superlatives - we build them.

The Mattusch company built this exclusive property right next to the Nymphenburg Palace Canal in 2003. From an architectural design perspective, it went without saying that a new build property would have to live up to surroundings so rich in history. As a result, no compromises were made in terms of materials, style or design.

Every building for which we are responsible and which bears our signature is constructed in accordance with these maxims.

Arcisstrasse 50, Munich, built in 2002 - 2003

A journey through the culture of Munich leads via Arcisstraße in the heart of Maxvorstadt, a district where everyone involved in both the old and new art scenes meets up. The objective was to build an upmarket yet understated modern building, which would interpret the history of its special location in Maxvorstadt, on the circus next to the "Alter Nördlicher Friedhof" cemetery, and transform this for modern times.

Its "unusual" aspect is not apparent immediately, but only on taking a second look. The reduced, modern statement of the architecture as a whole corresponds to the thinking behind classical modernist design. The structure of the building and the apartments corresponds to the same calm design concept: The translation of the well known older residential building into a modern form.

Ferdinand-Maria-Strasse 45, Munich, renovated in 2002

It is more than 340 years since the Elector Ferdinand Maria laid the foundation stone for what is today probably the finest residential address in Munich - the Nymphenburg district.

This property at Ferdinand-Maria-Strasse 45 was built in 1900 as an apartment building in the style of the German Renaissance. Just a small number of these imposing buildings occasionally come onto the market. They have mostly been neglected for decades and conceal their historical glories and beauty beneath the unsightly patina of oblivion, so that these are visible only to experts.

The centrepiece of any property is its quality standard, and this separates the wheat from the chaff. It is many small details which turn a building into a premium property that will hold its value. Ferdinand-Maria-Strasse 45 stands out due to the exceptionally high standards of restoration and construction.

We renovated this property, which is listed as a protected historical building, in 2002 with great attention to detail.

Heimstrasse 10 - 10 c, Stockdorf, built in 1999 - 2001

The four detached houses are situated in the immediate vicinity of the magnificent Forst Kasten local recreation area in the Würm valley and guarantee peaceful living with a high level of quality. With its exceptional trendsetting architecture this attractive development blends perfectly into its surroundings.

The superb landscaped gardens round the property off admirably.

Just like the art of master builders of days gone by, today too architecture has to be an expression of the maximum that is possible in terms of the design and choice of materials - and thus an expression of an untroubled quality of life.

Tal 26, Munich, renovated in 1998 - 2000

An architectural titbit from a glorious past. Awarded the 2001 Facade Prize of the Land capital Munich.

This gem of Munich city history, remembered by older residents as the "Metzgerbräu" restaurant, is situated in the historic Munich old town.

The property has been restored and contrast created by using architectural elements from the turn of the millennium. This combination has given rise to a unique synergy of imposing presence and modern design elements.

Münchner Strasse 22 - 30, Simbach am Inn, renovated from 2000

A building complex which represents the history of Simbach. The shaft houses bear silent witness to the time when the railway brought wealth to Simbach. These houses in the centre of the town of Simbach am Inn enjoy listed historical building status, and consist of a three-storey main building and a four-storey central projection, with the addition of a detached house on the eastern and western sides.

The group of buildings was built around 1900 in red brick and in classicising designs, and just under a century later we renovated it to equip it with contemporary residential comfort.

For the river power stations surrounding Simbach, dams were built to create many kilometre-long lakes. The Auwald forest surrounding these offers an unspoilt island area resembling a primeval forest. In 1970 the "Unterer Inn" bird sanctuary was declared a Europa nature reserve. An inviting landscape for recreation and relaxation.

Bavariaring 43, Munich, renovated in 1997 - 1999

The "Palais Bavaria" - created in a Renaissance style during the "fin de siècle" period - embodies a timeless elegance which is only rarely encountered nowadays.

The building structure and the facade are subdivided by gables, balconies, large window elements and oriels. Round arches alternate with starkly geometric shapes. Pointed and shed dormer windows compete for architectural dominance with rounded gables. After only makeshift repairs had been made to remedy the impact of the war on the building, we restored the house to its original character.

The Bavariaring is characterised by the numerous villa-style mansions dating from the turn of the 20th century. Embassies, consulates and beautiful tree-lined avenues in the immediate neighbourhood are evidence of this unique location in the heart of Munich.

In the historic surroundings close to the Theresienwiese, all the features here combine to create a perfect location.

In der Schacht 5 and 7, Simbach am Inn, built in 1997

In Simbach am Inn, in the middle of the romantic Rottal valley, in 1995/96 we created a new residential concept on a large town centre plot. The buildings each contain 12 barrier-free apartments (in accordance with DIN 18025, Part II) and an equal number of underground parking spaces, along with sunny balconies, garden areas and terraces.

The essence of the building is mainly determined by the exposed structures, which constantly create new vanishing points from an infinite number of perspectives and like their model, nature, stimulate the imagination. The virtual proportions and spatial relationships are influenced by sequences of coloured areas, columns and different design features.

Living embodies a certain lifestyle. A feel for values, aesthetics and design. So good architecture can be recognised by its many details, the sum of which is unique.

Form always follows function, and takes account of people and their needs. This residential concept was recognised by the Bavarian State Government in the brochure "Living without Barriers" as being exemplary for contemporary residential construction.

Gümbelstrasse 2, Munich, renovated in 1996

An architectural gem in Munich. Awarded the 1997 Facade Prize by the Land capital Munich.

Gümbelstrasse is a small street only around 150 metres long with traffic calming measures, between Nymphenburger Strasse and Blutenburgstrasse.

The property Gümbelstrasse 2 is one of the few magnificent buildings in Munich to be in such a prominent location. Created in 1904 by master builder Anton Hatzl, in 1996 it was restored true to its original design by the company Mattusch ten years after the renovation of the adjoining Nymphenburger Strasse 137.

By means of the restoration, with its charming architecture, the ornamental decoration of the facade, the turrets, balconies and oriels, the imposing entrance and the generous staircase with its reconstructed wall paintings, together with the residential and office units with the finest stuccoed ceilings and solid oak parquet floors, the stately ambiance the building deserved was fully restored to it.

A true piece of Munich's cultural heritage has been maintained thanks to the intricate restoration works of our specialists.

Nymphenburger Strasse 137, Munich, renovated in 1985

A fairytale castle in Munich.

This veritable fairytale castle at Nymphenburger Strasse 137, in München - Neuhausen, was built in 1902 by master builder Anton Hatzl. In 1985 it was restored true to its original design and former splendour by the Mattusch company .

All the beautiful contemporary features which distinguish this gem were restored by our specialists true to their original designs and with a great deal of attention to detail, so that they harmonise exceptionally well with the new installations of the full building services, including a modern passenger lift. This is certainly one of the masterworks of our fastidious restorations.

Today it takes more than mere goodwill and enthusiasm to restore a historical building with the attention to detailed craftsmanship it deserves and to equip it for tomorrow with the technical standards of today. It is a passion which can not be explained by reason alone. It is the same passion which enables old paintings, furniture or vintage cars to shine once more in their original splendour.

In 1986 the Mattusch group of companies received the Facade Prize of the Land capital Munich for the exemplary internal and external restoration.

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