Mattusch Wohnbau GmbH


The company Mattusch was founded in 1926 and specializes in the restoration of classic and valuable historical monuments, and the construction of modern and exclusive new buildings in Munich.

From the beginning our personal ambition went far above the ordinary: For selected customers, we wanted to select good build objects. Our goal was to combine distinctive style, architectural aesthetics, quality and sophisticated facilities of the highest standard. Premium properties in prominent locations of Munich. Real estates as an investment or for own use. Worth and value of a property to combine market attractive. This was realized in the early years only with immense personal commitment and high dues. Today the acquired expertise over many years is our trademark.

Our task is the understanding of historical buildings and the attention paid to this property. But just as the construction art yesteryear, today, the architecture must be an expression of the maximum options in the form and selecting the material an thus an expression of perfect quality of life. We offer luxury homes for rent or purchase, and fulfill your personal dream home of an authentic an high-quality real estate in Munich. Looking for real estates in or around Munich, which will be the highest standards of justice, you will meet our properties.

Both our stylishly renovated older buildings and our trendsetting new build properties have received multiple awards from the City of Munich, the Bavarian Land Government and the German Foundation for Monument Protection.

We invite you to take a look at some of our past and current real estate projects.

We are committed to creating the very special.

Yours, the Mattusch family companies